Menu + Wine

Menu + Wine

A multitier, continuously expanding hospitality conglomeration. The restaurant is a 420-seater offering a Bistro Style Menu, and has been thriving since 2010. With a staff complement of 50+ and a multilayer outlay, Blos Café is ever ready to accommodate virtually any occasion/event/conference.

The interior is a mix of authentic farmhouse (merited by the Institute of SA Architects) and modern panel glass and timber interiors, retro-fitted with vintage decor accents. Running the back length of the building and fronting a beautiful green belt is the open-air deck – a favourite for sundowners turned late-nighters… and perfect once more for your early morning.

Monday to Saturday 7:00 – Late and Sunday 7:00 – 15:00.

BLOS Café isn’t just about food and drinks – it’s a creative space offering several options for venue hire, from intimate private rooms to a larger banquet style area. To top it off the Café boasts a downstairs Bunker with exposed wood beams and an indoor fireplace. While the spaces are beautiful on their own, you are welcome to bring in your own decor items to personalise your party. Order from the BLOS range of luscious platters, whole cakes and all-round good food, creative drinks and craft beers.

Blos Café runs in symmetry with:

The Bunker, pub/sports bar
“Bly @ Blos” a luxury B&B
Bloot Conference & Function Venue,